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Great Sex For a Lifetime volume I DVD bigger version
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Great Sex For a Lifetime volume I DVD

Product Code: [05036]
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    Brand: Sinclair Intimacy Institute
    Great Sex for a Lifetime: VOL 1

    Great Sex for a Lifetime is based on the idea that you can have better sex tomorrow than you have today if you want it. We asked our fellow boomers if they are interested and were told with a resounding yes that you want better sex! It's not that boomers don't know how to have great sex, afterall, this is the generation that ushered in the sexual revolution. What we heard is that new ideas are good and that things that are worthwhile are worth working on. Great Sex for a Lifetime will help you rekindle that spark and start the next sexual revolution in your life! Read a detailed description about Volume 1.

    Topics covered in Volume 1:

  • Sexplay
  • Oral Sex
  • Sexual Positions
  • Orgasm
  • G-Spot
  • Lifestyle
  • Great Sex For a Lifetime volume I DVD

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