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Booty Beads Cleaning Instructions
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Booty Beads: The Ultimate Sex Toy
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Mega Booty Beads, Pink

Product Code: [3712-16]
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UPC: 677613371263
Case Quantity: 96
Item Size: 25.79" x 21.46" x 12.60"
Item Weight: 44.22 lb
  • Material: Plastic
  • Powered By: 1 AA Battery (not included)
  • Special Features: Waterproof, Flexible, Multispeed
Brand: BMS Factory
Mega Booty Beads

The Ultimate Anal Toy has gone Mega-sized. Mega Booty Beads are bigger and better in every way. The beads bend in every direction and are designed to open up for easier cleaning. Using one AA battery, you will feel the vibrations all the way through, as every bead vibrates from tip to tip so you won't miss a spot!

Made with the ultra silky Breeze material, Mega Booty Beads are made seamless to make it feel amazing! The Booty Beads go through a 3 step buffing process to ensure the silkiest feel. See how they do it. Great for men and women, you’ll need to get one for each of you. Mega Booty Beads are waterproof for fun in or out of the shower. Complete cleaning instructions on the package and you can now view our cleaning instructions.


Type: Anal, Vibrating
Product Code: 3712-xx
Length: Full length 12 inches, Beaded Section 7.75 inches
Width: Top 1 Inch, Beads 5/8 inch
Circumference/Girth: Top 3 inches, Beads 2 1/8 inches
Material: Hard Plastic, Rubber Cote
Available Colors: Pink, Lavender, Black
Functions: Multi-speed
Powered by: 1 AA battery (not included)
Special Features: Multi-speed, Waterproof, Bendable, Easily Cleaned

Package Dimensions: 10 1/8" l x 6" w x 1.5" d
Mega Booty Beads

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