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12.5 Inch Devil's Butt Plug thumbnail
12.5 Inch Devil's Butt Plug thumbnail
12.5 Inch Devil's Butt Plug thumbnail

12.5 Inch Devil's Butt Plug, Black

Product Code: [379511]
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UPC: 4892503147193
  • Material: TPR
Brand: NMC

The 12.5" Devi's Butt Plug is not for the faint of heart! Only for those of you who are wanting to see how far you can go, this Butt Plug will give you all that... and probably a lot more.

With an astounding pure rubber body towering 12.5", this devil is going to give you the challenge you've been craving!

It has a sturdy and flared 7" base that offers great support during use or if you'd simply like to display it as a trophy (and if you can take this, then you deserve to display it proudly!)

The body of this is where you'll find the challenge we were talking about. Right from the top tip, this cone starts from a girth of 7.25" and gradually increases to its 17" maximum the further down you go. The PVC body makes this plug strong but flexible at the same time to move with you.

If you crave the maxium, if you want the most, and if you think you can handle it, The Devil's Butt Plug may be just what you're looking for!

Shaft: 11"
Total Height: 12.5"
Diameter: 5.5"
Circumference: 17"
Materials: PVC
Waterproof: Yes
12.5 Inch Devil's Butt Plug
12.5 Inch Devil
12.5 Inch Devil
12.5 Inch Devil

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