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Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Swing - Purple

Product Code: [5499-15]
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UPC: 603912184204
  • Material: Metal, Nylon
Brand: Pipedream Products
Fantasy Swing

For those looking to spice up their love life, the Fantasy Swing is the ultimate in doing just that. Imagine getting into the positions of the Kama Sutra without the strain. This hangs from either the ceiling or a door, holds up to 350 lbs., and is fully adjustable for even the craziest of moves. The Fantasy Swing can go as far as your imagination can. The adjustable straps help give better control and deeper penetration with ultimate comfort.

This easy-to-use Fantasy Swing is safe and comfortable and includes: 1 heavy duty steel eyelet bolt, 1 heavy duty link chain, 1 torsion spring, 1 metal support bar, 2 large padded supports for butt and back, 2 small padded stirrups for legs, 2 EZ-open connecting hooks and an instruction pamphlet to get you started with your fantasies.


Type: Couples, Furniture
Product Code: 5499-15
Length: Ceiling chain/torsion spring is 30 inches and swing is 3 feet long
Width: Support bar is 20 inches wide
Other Dimensions: Back/bum support adjusts from 40 inches to 51 inches, Leg support adjusts 25 inches to 38 inches Material: Swing is Nylon, Support bar and chain/spring is metal
Available Colors: Purple
Functions: Multi-speed twist
Special Features: Hold up to 350 lbs., includes hardware and instructions

Package Dimensions: 20.5" l x 6.5" w x 3.75" d
Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Swing - Purple

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