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What The F*ck Filthy Questions Game

Product Code: [6965]
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UPC: 825156109045
    Brand: Kheper Games
    "Listen up, you hungry little f*cks!"

    Always wanting more offensive sh*t in your games. This latest, filthiest addition to our line of F*cked Up games, now has you competing with the other players to write and submit your most F*cked Up answers to F*cked Up questions.

    The person who is asked the question picks a favourite answer and the player who submitted it wins the point.

    Well, you keep asking for more filth, so here it is!


    480 x What the F*ck? questions
    1 x 100-page notepad
    8 x Pencils
    1 x Die
    1 x Easy-to-follow Instructions

    Examples of Filthy Questions:

    - Whose titties would you least like to motorboat?
    - If your genitals could talk, what would they say to embarrass you?
    What The F*ck Filthy Questions Game

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