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Intimate Earth - Anal Relaxing Serum For Men - 3ml , 3ml

Product Code: [4587]
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UPC: 854397006622
    Brand: Intimate Earth
    Designed In: United States United States
    Made In: United States United States

    Intimate Earth (formerly known as Intimate Organics), is an earth-friendly brand which takes its inspiration from common elements we find in nature - water, wood, metal, plants and earth. Their beautiful look is a testament to this company's philosophy, which is to help people fall in love and stay in love, naturally.

    Unlike other anal sprays or creams that can numb the sphincter and may lead to tearing, Intimate Earth's herbal spray is formulated to cause no anaesthetic effects. Instead, the anal sphincter will become more relaxed therefore making penetration more comfortable. Intimate Earth's unique formula contains a specific blend of extracts with the natural potency of clove, goji berry, aloe, and lemongrass. Intimate Earth's natural anal relaxing spray does not contain the synthetic compound benzocaine. Daring works quickly and is easy to apply.

    Intimate Earth - Anal Relaxing Serum For Men - 3ml

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